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Activists hurting hunters, fisherman

Published in Windsor Star, March 23, 2011 Re: Sealing a dead industry, by Chrissy Vanderheide-Stolarski, March 18. It is disingenuous and hypocritical for activists like Ms. Vanderheide-Stolarski to campaign around the world to destroy consumer markets for seal products and … Continue reading

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The Government still values seal hunt

My letter has been published in the Edmonton Journal on Tuesday, September 21 2010 RE: “Attempt to change world’s view futile,” by Sen. Mac Harb, Letters, Sept. 10. Sen. Mac Harb has every right to oppose the seal hunt, even if he … Continue reading

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Time to speak up!

When i hear self-appointed “animal-rights” activists claiming that it’s better for nature to wear synthetics (i.e., non-renewable petroleum) than to wear fur (a natural renewable resource), I cringe! When i hear activists preaching “respect for nature” to aboriginal or other … Continue reading

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