Time to speak up!

When i hear self-appointed “animal-rights” activists claiming that it’s better for nature to wear synthetics (i.e., non-renewable petroleum) than to wear fur (a natural renewable resource), I cringe!
When i hear activists preaching “respect for nature” to aboriginal or other trappers who actually live on and from the land, I fume!
When i see sanctimonious protesters attacking the livelihood and culture of hard-working trappers, fur farmers and craftspeople, I rage!
When i see members of the European Parliament pompously voting to ban the import of (highly abundant) sealskins from Canada, while refusing to stop overfishing of endangered Mediterranean tuna in their own waters…. i start a blog!
As someone raised in the fur trade, I have been saddened (and often angered) by the false and misleading campaigns waged by self-appointed “animal-rights” activists.
I began documenting the anti-ecological (and anti-human) impact of these campaigns in my book “Second Nature: The Animal-Rights Controversy” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1985; General Publishing, 1991).
Twenty years later, the extremism of the animal-rights movement has only intensified.
It is time to set the record straight about these misleading and damaging campaigns — and about the true social, cultural, economic and ecological contributions of the fur trade, this remarkable Canadian heritage industry.
That’s why i am launching this blog.
I hope you find these musings interesting, and i invite you to add your comments!

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1 Response to Time to speak up!

  1. Anne says:

    Alan, for the sake of the animals, I hope there is such a thing as Karma… Your wealth was NOT built on smarts and ingenuity but on the suffering and exploitation of animals and the humans who do your dirty work. Shame on you.

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